Recycle PET Benefits

Consumer Bottles Collection
Through a network of recycling system, post consumer PET bottles are collected from recycling bin. These bottles are collected and compacted into bales ready for sorting.
Bottle Washing and Sorting Process
PET bottle bales are then sorted by color and grinded into flakes. These bottle flakes is further sorted to remove the bottle caps (PE) and the label (PE) using a weight separation technique. The flakes are further washed several times with cold and steam hot water to remove any foreign objects. This process also sterilized the bottle flakes to meet food and safety standard.
Recycle Film Extrusion
After these bottle flakes been washed and dried, it goes through a final stage sorting to ensure they are pure and clean. Sorted PET Bottle flakes is then dried and crystallized before feeding into a PET extruder. A special filtration system hasto be employed to make clean recycle PET film. Not every company has this technology to make clean 100% post consumer recycle PET film that meet FDA food and safety standard.
Recycle Packaging Thermoforming
100% post consumer recycle PET film is then feed through our state of art pressure former to make various clamshells, blisters and trays. This essentially is a closed loop recycling system, where recycle clamshells can be further recycled back into the system. It is an ultimate sustainable recycling system where nothing goes to the waste. Peiyu Plastics put all its effort in making a greener earth.
Quality Control
Special quality control measure is implanted to monitor the quality of the 100% recycle packaging containers. Post consumer recycle material can be rather difficult to handle due to nature of the material. Every processing steps need to be controlled to ensure highest quality. Everyone can make 100% virgin material with ease, but few producers like us who can make consistent good quality recycle film and packaging containers.