Globally, more than 50% of plastics are used for one time use disposable application. In European Union, more than 24.6 million tons of post consumer plastic waste was generated in 2007 (4). In USA, more than 1.1 billion kg (2.4 billion lb) of plastic bottles are produced every year. However, only 27% of those PET bottles are recycled. 800,000 ton of PET bottles go into landfill annually. Each ton of plastics bottle takes up 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space. Therefore, it would take up 5.9 million cubic yard of landfill to dispose waste PET bottles. Each PET bottle could take up to 100-400 years to breakdown in the landfill (1).

Imagine what we can do with those waste PET bottles. With the latest technology, we can turn them into recycle films, which can be turn into all sorts of packaging containers. The PET bottles can also be recycled and made into PET fiber for clothing. Not only that we save landfill space but also energy needed to incineration waste bottles. According to UK recycling guide, one recycled plastic bottle would save enough energy to power a 60-watee light bulb for 3 hours (2). Recycling one ton of plastic bottles also saves 1.5 ton of CO2 compare to landfill or incineration (3).

With so many benefits, there are no reasons why not to recycle PET. The only down side is that petroleum companies will have much less virgin PET material requirements. Here in Peiyu Plastics, we devoted ourselves in making a greener earth for our future generation. We have run our PET recycling program for more than 10 years and you can benefit from our mature recycling technology. With increasing environmental awareness worldwide, we believe recycle PET is the way to go for our future packaging needs.

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