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PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) is most recycled plastic and also known as "ECO plastic". Safe and approved to be container for food, beverage and medical related products. Making the best use of PET, Peiyu Plastics produce PET Film with great quality and safety reports like SVHC of REACH, FDA, ROHS are available. Except PET film in roll, we also provide cutting service for none silicon PET film. Following are grades available for choosing.

PET - Anti-static grade
Anti-static grade PET is for semi-counductor industry mostly. 
Resistivity : 108~1010 ohm.

Applications:  Antistatic Clamshell, Blisters that used to  
  hold CUP, hard drive and IC chips
Thickness (mm): 0.2–0.8
Width (cm): 5.1–115
Color: Natural color 
Silicon Coating:  None , Light, Medium, Heavy, Double side silicon